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What do You Need to Know?

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General Inquiries

The Federal Cannabis Act allows the purchase of fresh and dries cannabis, oil products, cannabis, accessories, plants, and seeds. At The Local Leaf Cannabis, we have dried cannabis, pre-rolls, capsules, cannabis oil, cannabis, accessories, and seed.

Even after the legalization of the cannabis, it is illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis.

Yes, other ways to use cannabis include cannabis oil products, capsules, topicals, bevereges and edibles.

Product labels show the name and contact information of the licensed producer, a brand name, the amount of THC and CBD, storage instructions, quality attributes, safety warnings, packaging date, lot number, weight, and Health Canada’s THC warning symbol.

You must show two pieces of ID. One must be government issued ID such as Driver’s license, Passport, BCID and such. Second ID must show name, signatures and/or picture.

You may purchase up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or the equivalent in other cannabis products.

In British Columbia, the legal minimum age to purchase and use cannabis is 19. It is illegal to purchase or consume cannabis for anyone under the age of 19.

Returns and Refunds

All cannabis sales are final sales, but you can return a product if

  • A product is defective means expired, mouldy product or a product damaged.
  • Recalled product.

You may be able to get refund for the above products. Please contact us at info@tllcannabis.com to request a return, for return request you need to send an email including reason for return, order number, product description, lot number and a picture of product.

Note: We do not guarantee a refund. Our team will evaluate the product then they will accept or reject the request.Category: Returns and Refunds

After the assessment for the refund eligibility, the payment will be refunded to you the next business day to the original method of paying.

You have 15 days of the purchase date to return the product, but only if the product is defective, damaged or recalled.

You may return the defective products if they are expired, mouldy or damaged.

No, you cannot exchange or return a product. You can only return a product if it is defective, damaged, or recalled with a receipt. The product should not have any sign of visible tampering.

No. You can only return a product if it defective, damaged or recalled, because all cannabis sales are final sales.

No, you cannot return a opened product, unless, it is damaged or defective or recalled. Because, as per Provincial Regulation all cannabis sales are final sales.

If there are any other questions or concerns, please reach us at info@tllcannabis.com also let us know about your thoughts on our products.